Business Telephone Line Rental

For some telephone users, BT may be a choice for business line rental and yet Key Telecoms has been able to offer this service also.

OFCOM (the telecommunications regulator) deregulated this service so that companies like Key Telecoms could offer business line rental to their customers on the same bill as for their telephone calls. After all, why receive a separate bill for your calls when you can receive one bill for your business telephone line rental and your calls together?

There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with two companies, each blaming each other! With business telephone line rental from Key Telecoms and calls there is only one service provider to call.

 It simplifies billing and makes managing the lines simpler.

To transfer your business telephone lines to Key Telecoms takes 10 working days - and is seamless.

There is no disruption to service, no change of number(s), no change of lines and NO CHARGE TO TRANSFER.

In fact the service remains the same and the only difference is that Key Telecoms then bills you instead - and at a more competitive rate!

Take the first step and transfer your business telephone lines to Key Telecoms today. Click here Still not sure? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions


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