Low Cost Business Calls

All our call packages include three key features:

1. low cost business calls    2. reliable service and     3. excellent customer service

There is no need to install special equipment or dial an access code. Nor is there any need to change your telephone number.

We offer low cost calls to every destination:

• local           • national              • mobile           • international                            

There are no hidden charges - what you see is what you get. No inflationary increases and no hidden connections fees. Our terms and conditions are written in plain English and are completely transparent. Key Telecoms tariffs are reviewed regularly by our Account Managers to ensure each customer is receiving the best rates possible. The networks we use are reliable, resilient, fully supported and switches billions of minutes per year. This enables us to offer low cost business call packages to suit every customer's requirements. Carrier pre-select (CPS) is the method of routing calls over our preferred networks. We instruct BT to insert our CPS code into your local exchange and the routing of the calls over our preferred network will happen after 10 working days. Our preferred network could be one of several UK based companies - including BT! Contact us now and start receiving low cost business calls from Key Telecoms


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