Hosted IP PBX

Main Benefits

Cost reduction

Key Telecoms offers per second billing and some of the most competitive rates available. Also, by reducing the need for ISDN lines, Key Telecoms can offer significant ongoing reductions in the TCO of a telephone system.

Enterprise grade feature sets

Call recording, Computer Telephony Integration, Music on Hold, Online Billing, Real Time call statistics, Call monitoring, Conferencing, Wall Boards, IVR, In call menus, Hunt Groups, Remote provisioning, Fax to email; Key Telecoms is a fully featured end to end solution that offers everything demanded by today’s business communications.

Reduced obsolescence

Because Key Telecoms is a software based solution that supports remote provisioning, we can upgrade our network continually. Our feature sets are continually being upgraded and we offer a development service for bespoke applications.

Scalable, flexible phased Installations

Key Telecoms allows remote installation and provisioning, so we don’t have to visit every client site for installation. The system also allows for users to be added and removed from within a client company with great simplicity after the original installation.

Rapid deployment

Receive an order, provision the handset and ship within ten minutes, we give you the power to do just that, this will depend on if the handset is in stock.

Business continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity are vital to the modern corporate world. Key Telecoms is based on our own hosting architecture and includes a range of DR capabilities, including automatic call diverts, a multiply redundant core network and diverse power supplies into our Data Centres.

Home worker support

Remote working can now be monitored and controlled directly from the office. Key Telecoms offers a full range of employee productivity features to manage and track the performance of remote workers, whilst allow free calls between remote sites and client companies.


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