ADSL Broadband

Asymmetric digital subscriber line

There is still the 512k, 1Mb and 2Mb downloads, the upload is 256k speeds.

Most people now have access to Max up to 8Mb

This is rate adaptive and will vary dependant on distance and the quality of the copper cable

For Residential” customers the upload is 448, with a contention of 50-1

There is a general misconception with the public that data transmission is free because most residential customers are given very large usage allowances, however bear in mind that ISPs don’t go and lay fibre cables all over the world for nothing in return, and that is why business customers have to pay depending on their usage. There is a Usage allowance (will be capped), mainly they are higher for Residential customers as there usage is out of business hours.

For “Business” customers the upload is 832k and the contention is 20-1

Again there is a “Usage” allowance that is capped, any over usage is charged at a set GB rate.

Download speeds are dependant on the copper wire and the distance from the exchange


Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line

Means basically that the upload and downloads speeds are the same.

This is available in 512k, 1Mb and 2Mb downloads and upload speeds

Mainly for “Business” it comes with 5-1 or 1-1 contention SDSL is very expensive compared to ADSL so there is no Usage charge


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