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Auto Attendant.

Create complex auto-attendant voice menus with multiple contexts, options and actions. An indispensable business tool that can replace a secretary or even substantially reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Advanced IVR Features

Build complex yet simple to use IVR’s with a wide range of predefined actions. Text to speech, IVR schema builder and analyzer, IVR test mode, IVR cloning, to name just a few of the features that can help your business to develop high quality IVR’s in no time.

Call Queues

Call queues can answer multiple calls and distribute them to agents using sophisticated algorithms. Used by sales, customer service or support, they maximize the company resources utilization, improve customer satisfaction and even guarantee SLA terms.

Call Queue Reports and Statistics

The detailed call queue reports and statistics are vital for call centre monitoring. The performance indicators, including calls report, answered / unanswered report, call distribution report, agent report, status report, help management optimize human resources and business processes.

Call Forwarding

When you’re not at your desk be sure not to miss important calls. Forward calls to another extension or even to your mobile phone. This feature can be configured to allow for time limited controls on the phone system. For example, before 9:00am the phones can automatically be diverted to mobiles or to voicemail and at weekends the phones can be set to ring in the on call person at home.

Call Parking

Calls can be parked in a private lot and picked up later according to the parking lot preferences. The feature is very useful when you want to put multiple callers on hold and allow these callers to be picked up by somebody else.

Home Working

With our IP PBX you can take a handset home or to a remote office and once connected it will re-attach itself to your business’ system without any configuration! If you or your staff want to work from home then this becomes extremely easy to do without the need to incur any further costs.

Call Transfers

Calls can be transferred between the extensions of the PBX, or even to public phone numbers. When an important call arrives, the secretary can transfer the call directly to the manager mobile and the caller will never know what happened.


Never miss important messages when you’re out of office! The voicemail feature answers calls after a certain amount of time and records the caller’s message. Recorded messages can be listened while out of office or can be sent by email to the mailbox’s owner.

Do Not Disturb

When you are busy, make sure that nobody can disturb. This feature can be activated and deactivated from the phone terminal.

Call Cascading / Hunt Groups

Make sure that somebody will take the call. By enabling this feature, the call gets forwarded to another extension if not answered within a specified amount of time. Ring Groups When an extension is called, this triggers other extensions to ring. The first extension answering the call gets the connection.

Music on Hold Management

The music on hold can be responsible for the customer mood after several minutes of wait on the phone. Music on hold playlists can be easily organized and customized using the management interface.

Local Conferences

Share information and ideas quickly and easily. Enable virtual meetings with your customers, partners or co-workers next door or overseas. Full featured conference functions, giving the extension the option to setup passwords, room sizes, recording, volume, etc.

Record Conversations (Call Recording)

Record important calls like customer calls as part of satisfaction improvement programs or abuse prevention. Call recording can be event driven (the employee presses a button) or unconditional (setup by management).


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